What’s happening at Hallmark House Hotel?

As you know, Newmark Hotels, Reserves & Lodges was awarded the contract to manage the new hotel that forms part of the 15-storey Hallmark House in the exciting Maboneng precinct in downtown Johannesburg. Due to some delays in the construction schedule, we will now officially open Hallmark House on 15 December. While we are sorry to have to defer the opening of this new state-of-the-art property, our quest is, as always, to ensure that everything is operationally smooth from the outset.

Maboneng – which means ‘place of light’ in Sotho – is being developed by Propertuity. It is a vibrant new neighbourhood that’s fast becoming a destination for people who enjoy seeing the expression of current creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in all its modern urban forms: from graffiti to art centres and photo walks; from markets to yoga studios and new designer shops; the area is edgy and vital. Newmark’s boutique hotel in Hallmark House will reflect this character in its style and ambience and will offer businesspeople and tourists alike the opportunity to stay in the heart of this multi-cultural city hub and explore all the area has to offer.

The hotel within Hallmark House will have 46 apartments on two storeys and will also run a concierge service for the residents’ apartments. There will be two restaurants one on the ground floor and The Grande on the roof top.