A walk-through Motswari with our rangers: Meet Kevin

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a special journey with our dedicated rangers, getting to know each of them better. We are incredibly proud of our offering at Motswari Private Game Reserve and all that makes it a true African Dream – from luxurious accommodation to incredibly special game viewings. The Timbavati and Umbabat Nature Reserve is home to exquisite wildlife, including the famous Big Five. While spotting these creatures is a breathtaking experience in and of itself, no South African safari would be complete without the special stories, insight and expertise shared by our rangers.

One of these incredible Motswari team members, with a great passion for his job, is Kevin. Born and raised in Johannesburg, before moving to Southern California at the age of 12, Kevin always dreamt of returning to the Kruger National Park. He had spent family holidays in this special part of the country and these trips evoked in him a deep and lasting love for nature.

After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, Kevin made the decision to change career paths and remain true to his yearning to spend his days outdoors. As such, he made a life-changing move back to South Africa to pursue a career as a nature guide.

“Working at Motswari has been a dream come true – I can’t think of anything better than being able to live and work in the unspoilt wild. Witnessing the Greater Kruger National Park’s biodiversity on a daily basis is a true blessing,” shares Kevin. “Over the years, I have developed a love for photography. Some of the most rewarding time spent, is capturing photographs of the leopards that roam the reserve – they are truly magnificent animals.”
Given all the splendid sights that Kevin is exposed to every day, it would no doubt be difficult to pinpoint the most breathtaking of them all. He is, however, very sure of what that is: he enjoys nothing more than being able to sit among a herd of elephants and observe their majestic behaviour.

“Motswari is an awe-inspiring destination, where much excitement awaits,” concludes Kevin. It really is a special place that Newmark, the Motswari team and all of the reserve’s rangers hold close to their hearts. We look forward to sharing more thoughts from our rangers with you and, even more so, to welcoming you to the reserve in the near future.