Guest Blog: David Mitchell

Motswari Private Game Reserve – Land of Hopes and Dreams

Our trip to Motswari, as my TripAdvisor review reads: “Exceeded All Expectations, A Definite Addition to Our Privileged ‘Must Return’ List”

We can’t thank the staff at Motswari enough for what was the pinnacle of our three-week trip to Zimbabwe, Mpumalanga, Kruger and the Cape/Hermanus, with a special mention to our fantastic ranger and tracker, Angie and Goodman, along with Lydia from the management team. All proved to be wonderful hosts and friends throughout our four-day stay – we only wish it could have been longer.

Whilst the previous reserve we stayed at in Sabi Sands was suffering badly from the draught and subsequent decimation of foliage by the significant elephant population, Motswari was like Eden by comparison. The game was plentiful to the point that one day we saw all Big Five during one game drive. Add to this our bucket list of special viewing we were hoping and fortunate to see (leopard in a tree at sunset; a lion kill; hippos out of water; crocs; a large herd of 100+ water buffalo; a hyena pack with cubs; African wild dogs with pups; male kudu fighting; a real-life zebra crossing; and a big 40+ year old elephant tusker) and we were in safari heaven.

Couple this with fantastic food, great accommodation (we stayed in 2 rondavel huts, Kudu and Duiker, which were large, well presented and authentic) and a really relaxed camp and you can’t go wrong.

We were truly sad to leave and wished we could stay longer with people that had genuinely become our friends in a remarkably short time.

David, Sally & Jessica Mitchell Sept 2016

‘A pack of wild dogs and their pups’. Elusive yet fearless, caring yet savage. “O’ what big teeth you have!” said Little Red Riding Hood to the wolf … only it wasn’t a wolf! Easy to believe the fable could have been written very differently when you see these killing machines at work – a rare and fortunate treat.

‘Kudu locked in battle’. A rare and special sighting that not even the rangers had witnessed before.

‘Is that a Zebra crossing?!’ Couldn’t have made this up if we tried. Last day, last drive, on our way back to camp and out he pops for this photographic cameo appearance. As luck would have it…

‘Hyena cubs at play’. Who’d have guessed what these strange little animals are? The Ugly-duckling in reverse – from cute to ugly in a matter of months. Two rambunctious cubs from a large pack of 10+, residents of an empty termite mound.

‘African Martial Eagle’. The largest of the African Eagles, soaring conspicuously in the morning.

`Leopard Central’. We were fortunate enough to see eight out of twenty-four resident leopards morning, noon and night either on the prowl, in the trees or casually at rest on termite mounds. Regal, proud and elegant, the leopard is the prince of the cats in my humble opinion.

‘Dugga Boy’. An old, bachelor bull buffalo with giant horns for a crown presiding over his head. Magnificently polished and perfectly symmetrical, shimmering in the afternoon sun whilst the 100+ herd casually grazes through the bush.