Angie Samuels

Each week, we like to put the spotlight on the rangers of Mostwari Private Game Reserve – a dedicated and passionate team that go out of their way to ensure visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the very best of what the African bush has to offer.

It takes passion, hard work and commitment to be a wildlife ranger in Africa and most of the time, a ranger is envisioned as a sturdy man with a gun slung over his shoulder, protecting animals from poachers. Women are, however, becoming an increasingly large and important feature in the game rangers of South Africa and here at Motswari, we celebrate all our wonderful, committed and bold female rangers who stand tall amongst their male counterparts.

This week, we would like to introduce Angie Samuels. Angie grew up in Johannesburg and was a city girl who loved nature. It was, however, only in her first year of university that she visited the African bush for the first time. “That visit helped to solidify my real love for all of nature that had stemmed from the time I was old enough to love my first animal,” she recalls. Completely passionate about all things nature, Angie admires the way the bush and all that inhabit it, has a way of drawing one in. “You can be dreamily watching elephants and the next thing, and hour has passed without you even realizing! It’s fantastic,” she says.

Angie loves working at Motswari – her second home – and especially loves sharing her vast knowledge with guests on safari. She enjoys watching hyenas and elephants and finds the social dynamics between them completely fascinating. “I don’t have one favourite animal,” she says. “Leopards are graceful and so beautiful, whereas rhinos are majestic and prehistoric. The beautiful colours of all the birds in the summer time, and the way the bush comes alive after the first rains. This is why I do what I do!”

Motswari is a truly special place that Newmark, the Motswari team and all of the reserve’s dedicated rangers hold close to their hearts. We look forward to sharing more thoughts from our rangers with you and, even more so, to welcoming you to the reserve in the near future.