31 May 2017

Heading out on a very chilly morning, it was hard to believe that today was already the last day of May – where is this year going???  Brad’s drive started off the best of the bunch with him finding the Investec pack of wild dogs running around again, but as they were in and out of the thick mopane of the eastern blocks, the sighting didn’t remain stable for long.  I had a particularly quiet start to the drive, and didn’t see much besides impala.  Slowly the day warmed up, and we popped in to see what was left of the buffalo kill, and arrived to find four hyenas eating the remains as the vultures still waited for their turn.  The two Machimba males had headed all the way back east, but were not located.  Luckily, I managed to complete my morning’s mission by showing my guests some rhinos in the south, and then made the trip back north where we were lucky enough to relocate the Sumatra lioness looking oh-so-pregnant as she rested in the Sohebele riverbed after Robynne had briefly viewed her earlier in the drive.  There were elephant and buffalo in the west too.

I headed east in the afternoon to look for wild dogs, and was pleasantly surprised to find not the seven members of the Investec pack, but rather 16 members of the Orpen pack, with one ridiculously fat and heavily pregnant alpha female!  We had enjoyed impala, a few groups of zebras and steenbuck on the way to the east, and after enjoying three elephant bulls having a mud bath, found the dogs resting in the open.  We hadn’t been with them long when they got mobile, but their efforts were quite reserved as they chased after one steenbuck, but not much else.  It will be interesting to see if they stick around, or if they run into the Investec pack whilst around here.  I had a drink and headed past Argyle dam to see some hippos out grazing before closing down at the lodge after a lovely day in the bush.  There were a few buffalo and elephants in the west yet again this afternoon.