03 August 2017

This morning was my last drive for a couple of days, and with just two guests on board, most interested in big cats, we set off in search of some of the leopards that had been around yesterday.  We moved south towards the Nhlaralumi and meandered along the eastern bank, but the game was scarce in the cool conditions; eventually some giraffes and zebras showed up, and whilst watching them, the cackling of nearby hyenas drew our attention, and we went to see if they were maybe fighting with the wild dogs, but found only loads more relaxed-looking giraffes.  It was whilst searching that we were told that there was a male leopard a little further down the road we were on, so we carried on towards him, seeing impala, kudu, waterbuck giraffe and three wild dogs running back to the den site at a high speed.  The leopard was Mondzweni male leopard, and he had just taken his kill down the tree and was dragging it – it was a fresh steenbuck kill, and he hadn’t even opened it.  He dragged it into the thickets on the banks of Makulu Dam and began feeding; after some time with him, we made space for another vehicle and carried on towards our coffee stop destination.  Kevin had found Nthombi female leopard on the prowl near Elephant Dam, and as no one else was interested, we went and joined the sighting after our coffee and watched the old gal as she walked around looking for a meal, but wasnt having ay joy.  We left her to it and headed back to the camp, happy that at least our leopards are playing along for a change!


In the evening Ntima came in and stole Mondzweni’s kill, two leopards came walking past Geiger’s Camp, another leopard was disturbing the monkeys in front of the main lodge (but we couldnt find it for love or money), and the wild dogs moved their den site to a spot just north of the Java boundary, and deeper into our concession.  We just need some lions to come back now!