29 September 2017

Normally I would have relished a morning off, so when half of the group I was driving decided to sleep in, I found out I was not driving, but waving goodbye to the other half of the group, I think my words were something along the lines of “now that I am not on drive, you will definitely see something great”. Needless to say, at breakfast I was shown videos of twenty wild dogs playing around and feasting on an impala, and even more heart-breaking, was the video of a hippo in Majavi dam “eating” another impala that the wild dogs had chased into the dam!!! It wasn’t seen ingesting anything, but it was certainly chewing on the remains making for a very rare sighting! As rare as this lately, was also seeing the sun in the morning.

Luckily, most of these things hung around for the afternoon, including the sun, and we headed out in warm and bright conditions, and enjoyed the usual impala, giraffe, crocodile, hippos, kudu, warthog, and also some bushbuck feasting on water lilies. We then spent some time watching a herd of elephants feeding near the Nhlaralumi before making a move east towards where the wild dogs had been seen in the morning, and after passing some giraffe, kudu, baboons, waterbuck and impala, we eventually arrived as they woke up from their day’s rest on Kudu Pan Clearing and thankfully came towards the road – or at least the adults did, the pups remained a distance off the road and didnt join the afternoon hunt. The dogs headed off north, and we went and waited on a game path on the other side of the block that they eventually came trotting down, paused briefly at Imberbe Pan and then again a little later at the sight of some hyena dung, but as the sun was setting and we had a drinking arrangement with the rest of the group, we left the dogs and moved towards Lover’s Leap, arriving literally the instant the sun disappeared. After a fabulous drink stop, we headed off to a surprise dinner in the bush with the guests, with the Western Pride of lions roaring on Ingwelala a kilometre west of us to round off a lovely day.