25 and 26 November 2017

Saturday morning was my last drive for a couple of days, and in a way I was glad it was, as the weatherman had predicted a good down pouring of rain in the afternoon, to go with the little bit we had had last night. I woke up to find that the big Western Pride male had literally walked past my door last night, so went to look for him, but sadly he had headed back to Ingwelala already. And from then on, the morning didnt provide anything for us! I ended the drive having seen a bushbuck, a nyala, some impala and hippos. Oh, and a tortoise 😉 It was perhaps not the bang I wanted to end on, but we had some good fun and laughs on the drive, and tried in vane to find a leopard near Giraffe’s Nest – she had walked on top of my vehicle tracks from earlier – but we had no joy and returned to the lodge for a warming breakfast.

In the afternoon, despite 8mm of rain (the south got well over 20mm), the guides still went out and enjoyed elephant and buffalo herds in the south to have made it worth while. Luckily, Sunday morning started with lions roaring close to the camp and eight members of the Western Pride were resting at Giraffe’s Nest and the big pride male was sleeping just off the southern side of our airstrip; they hung around all day, and provided for some nice viewing in the afternoon too. Sadly, the leopards remained elusive, but we hope that they show themselves over the coming days.

I am back on drive on Monday afternoon, so will have a few more updates for you then.