23 September 2017

I was eventually back on drive following a few days off and headed out on a cloudy and cool day with the news that Inkanye female and Tshwukunyana male leopards were down on Java with a duiker kill; the lions hadn’t been around for a couple of days, but the leopards had been excellent, and the wild dogs had also been around a couple of times.

I took it easy to begin with and spent time around Argyle Dam with good general game in the form of impala, waterbuck, hippos, elephant bulls, kudus and giraffes before moving east to see if I could have any luck with the wild dogs that had been seen briefly in the morning, but moving away from the riverbed did slow the game viewing down, and I was about to give up on the wild dogs and head towards the leopard when Difference spotted a couple of dogs moving through the bush at pace – we caught up and managed to have a fair view of them as they ran towards Imberbe pan, where one dog had a brief drink before moving off and other than one more distant visual, that was it for us. We passed on our evening drink in the gloomy conditions and headed towards the leopards and arrived to find Inkanye up the tree feeding on the kill as Tshwukunyana male resting on the ground and a hyena looking for scraps below. After a while, Inkanye climbed down, and Tshwukunyana climbed up to finish the last bits of the kill before also climbing down and being subjected to some flirtation from the female before they moved off into the night and we headed back to the lodge after a great first drive!