23 November 2017

We headed out on Thursday morning to collect the guests from Giraffe’s Nest happy to hear that they still enjoyed their time, despite the blustery wind that brought a change of weather around midnight – the fact that they got to see a lovely leopard probably helped matters! We carried on in windy conditions, hoping that the lions would come back from their voyage north, but after having checked the northern boundary, we soon concluded that there was no sign of them returning, so carried on to the east, where we got to see some elephant bulls, but it was proving to be a very quiet morning to say the least. Our coffee stop warmed us up as we walked around a pan and looked at some smaller aspects of the bush, but across the reserve, there wasnt much going on, with only some rhinos and elephants in the south being found.

The afternoon saw better, sunnier conditions return, and we headed south hoping to find rhino and elephants; we ended up having a fairly enjoyable drive, albeit not full of excitement – we enjoyed giraffes, impalas, kudus, waterbuck, a herd of zebras and a nice herd of elephants near the Nhlaralumi, whilst in the north, another herd of elephants with a tiny baby made a rare appearance. We scratched around the south-western corner and saw impala (including a brand new baby that was still bloodied) and some warthogs before we bumped into a small breeding herd of buffalos. After coffee we made our way through the southern sections but there was just not much going on at all, so we made tracks for the lodge, looking forward to a less windy day tomorrow.