21 June 2017

Wednesday was my last day of a seven week cycle, and my last day in the bush for the next three and a bit weeks!  I am off on an East African adventure – climbing Kilimanjaro, relaxing for a week in the Serengeti, and then trekking through the forests to see some Gorillas in Rwanda; I will definitely do a blog post about my adventures upon my return!

Back to Wednesday – we headed out early as my guests had early departures, and popped in to check on Machaton male leopard at his kill, and when we drove in the riverbed we found him resting on the top of the bank close to the tree housing his kill; there was even a hyena lurking in the area, but when we went to the top both leopard and hyena had disappeared, so we carried on with our drive.  It wasn’t long after we left the leopard that we were informed that there were some rhinos in the very area we had been searching for them last night, so despite it being a long trip south, we made the move in that direction.  We did get to see some impala, kudu and a pair of honey badgers as we went along.  We carried on south along the Argyle rd before turning back into the reserve where we suddenly found all the giraffes in the reserve in one spot!  Okay, maybe not that many, but there were a large number around, as well as impala, a herd of elephants and of course, the rhinos that we spent time with before making our way back north.  A small herd of 40-50 odd buffalo were in the area again, and as the only buffalo my guests had seen had been two bulls at the lodge, we popped in to see them before moving along again.  There were impala, waterbuck and a lone hyena cub at the den site in the west.  There wasn’t much else along the way home besides scattered herds of impala, hippos and waterbuck at Argyle Dam; we tried for Machaton male leopard one more time, but he wasn’t showing himself, so after a bit of time with some warthogs, we closed down at the lodge after a short but sweet drive – a lovely way to end off an enjoyable cycle! 

Will catch up again after my adventures.