20 October 2017

Greetings again – after a few days off drive, it was good to be back on drive having heard about three different packs of wild dogs that had been running around the last few days (20 in the south, 12 in the north and a small pack of 3 in the north too), Mondzweni male leopard, Machaton male leopard, Ntima male leopard (who stole a kill from Leadwood female) and Inkanye female leopard all made appearances. On the lion front, the Western Pride popped in with the big male lion only for one of the last few days, and the two new males on the east also showed face, but they are still a bit shy of the vehicles.

My first afternoon was going to start looking for Shongile female leopard near the camp, as I am sure she had been walking around the camp in the middle day. We had been driving around the wedge looking when Robynne called to say she had found her not far from where we had been searching, and we went to join her there. Shongile’s cub then gave an odd call not too far from her, and she shot off in that direction, and when Robynne relocated, Shongile was with the cub but it was a bit shy; however, as darkness fell the little boy became more confident and even follow his mom straight into one of the private camps north of our lodge! We didnt do much else this afternoon besides look at leopards, but other sightings included the 12 wild dogs in the north, Ntima male leopard resting near his kill near Buffalo Pan, the pack of 20 wild dogs in the south and some elephant and buffalo bulls in the north and east respectively.