18 May 2017

After a good first afternoon with my guests, my Thursday morning mission was to go and find rhino – something that has proven very difficult of late.  With a light layer of mist, it was not an overly cold morning, but the animals were a bit slow to get active, and other than a few impala along the way, there wasn’t much going on until we arrived at where Mondzweni male leopard had his impala kill last night, and found that he was still there with a few scraps, but he had dropped it from the tree and dragged it off to a bit of cover where he lay down and finished off the last bits of it before we moved on to go and look for some sign of rhino.  Sadly, fresh signs were lacking, so instead we enjoyed some time with a group of zebras and a  nice herd of giraffe with a very small baby.  Despite searching all over, we were unable to find any rhinos and instead were faced with a long trip back home that saw us passing a herd of elephants, some elephant bulls, impala, giraffes, waterbuck and warthog as we arrived back at the lodge.

The afternoon was a much more chilled affair and I spent it in the north of the reserve and divided my time between a couple of herds of elephants in near Argyle Dam – including one with a small baby – and the hippos at the dam that were surprisingly active!  Marka had tracked down a young male leopard not far away, but it was a nervous individual that ran off and although it disturbed the waterbuck close to where we were watching a hyena, we were unable to relocate him.  After our sundowner we spent time at the dam with a crocodile, a lone hyena and a sky full of stars before we moved back to the lodge for a lovely dinner.  Sadly there wasn’t much else out there in the afternoon across the reserve.