15 March 2017

Wednesday morning was my last morning drive for a couple of days, and we again headed out to see if there was any sign of our lion prides returning, but soon got distracted by leopard tracks; a male had walked past camp but we tracked him off our northern boundary; Shongile could be heard calling close to the camp, but her tracks went everywhere, and we weren’t having luck. The guests staying at Giraffe’s Nest had not only had a herd of elephants visit them last night, but also a leopard that walked off south and where the tracks were heading, we thought that it was Xiviti male – I headed into the area to help, but the tracks headed way west so we started doubting who it might have been. Shongile had been spotted in the same place again, and we slowly ambled back in her direction seeing a nice herd of giraffes, impalas, male giraffe, male kudu, bushbuck, nyala and then a short stay with Shongile as she walked around, still calling for the dead cub. Once she walked off towards the riverbed we left her and closed down at the lodge. Other sightings included elephant bulls in the north and a small herd of buffalo in the west. Tracks for a lone lioness were traversing our eastern sections, but there was no sign of her by the close of drive. The two leopards in the central region appeared to have lost their kill to the hyenas, and despite Goodman finding Tshwukunyana on foot, he was not to be found in a vehicle; such is the way of leopards!!!

I am on drive again tomorrow afternoon, so will update you with what I missed. Until then, enjoy!