12 May 2017

Friday was my last day with my group of guests and we strangely still needed a good zebra sighting as we had only seen them at a distance, so that became the mission for the morning, although after hearing that Kevin and his guests had seen the three lion cubs hidden in the rocks near Vyeboom Dam on our northern boundary, but as the mother was not present and the cubs are still only about 4 months old, they are too young to be viewed on their own and they couldn’t stick around; instead they decided to try and track down the pride with Difference and Goodman on foot – there was no sign of the mating pair.  I carried on and found a herd of giraffes all intently staring south; the kudus seemed fine, but the alarm-calling impalas made me think that there might have been something else around but after spending some time in the area, only they knew what they had seen and we moved on to the hyena den.  We also got to spend time with a herd of elephants on the move before resuming our zebra search; failing ourselves, another guide radioed to let me know that he had seen some nearby so we went in search of them and luckily managed to find them much to my guests delight.  The zebras ate into our coffee time so we decided to head back to the lodge passing Argyle Dam and enjoying impala, waterbuck, hippos and crocodiles on the way to round off a nice morning. 

Starting we new guests in the afternoon I took it easy in the north and enjoyed a better afternoon on the general game front; an elephant bull, impalas, steenbuck, waterbuck, kudus, zebras, giraffe – some really good giraffe as the sunset with adults and calves walking off into the sunset.  Difference and Tiyani spent the afternoon tracking the lions but sadly the tracks went north into Ingwelala.  I opted to spend my sundowner on the eastern bank of the Nhlaralumi a couple hundred meters downstream from where I thought the cubs were hidden, but whilst enjoying a drink, Difference spotted the cubs on the rocks about 100m away – it was already getting dark and there were still no adults present, so we couldn’t go closer and watched through binoculars for a while before moving on.  We saw a couple of large elephant bulls in the dark at Argyle Dam as well as some hippos out the water on the opposite side before heading back towards the lodge, but sadly there was no sign of much else this evening.