11 October 2017

Wednesday as another fairly good morning for us, at least on the lion front as yet again, the Western Pride remained in our area, and were found early in the morning with two kudu kills; they had finished the one and were almost done with the second one! I was more interested in finding leopard, and on hearing that Ntima had finished his kill and moved on, went to assist Kevin in tracking him, so left Difference and Eric on foot to follow up. In the same area, one of the adult lionesses from the Western Pride had finished her mating session with the male and was walking around calling for the pride, so we spent time with her before going to see the rest of them on the kill; by the time we got there, most had gone to sleep, but a couple were still feeding and showing interest in the skulking hyenas. After coffee with a hippo, we moved along the river and saw nyala, kudu, impala, giraffe and a tiny baby red-crested korhaan. The first elephant we saw was a male making his way towards Marula Pan for a drink as we were getting ready to close down; sadly the trackers lost tracks for Ntima in a rocky area by Argyle Dam.

My afternoon saw us enjoying the north hoping Ntima would pop out, but after checking all the roads, we had no joy; the Western Pride of lions had moved some distance west in the course of the drive before settling, but more attention was paid to the two pride males that made a surprise appearance in the north; the bigger of the males looked in fine shape, but the poorly guy looked old, drawn and now sporting a painful looking damaged and blinded eye, no doubt from a recent fight! The males were sadly not doing much, and we left them resting and headed towards where Mondzweni male leopard was found at Java Camp, and after some nice time with him, we had to leave him as he walked into the camp! Was good to see a leopard again in the south.