11 May 2017

Thursday was another day of lions; I was checking the northern boundary again for them when we picked up tracks heading towards where the cubs had bee left on Ingwelala, hoping that they would bring them to our concession, but within 30 seconds of finding the tracks we picked up the eight adult lions resting on a grassy termite mound near the road, possibly having chased some warthogs into the hole?  We sat for a while, but when a mating pair of lions was found not far from us, we opted to go and see some more action there – it was the adult lioness and one of the injured pride males that has a seriously swollen front right foot from a recent fight, but with a female to mate, this didn’t seem to stop him!  We saw them mating three times before heading off – it was great to see a big male like that again!  Sadly the rest of the morning didn’t provide much joy with animals as we bumbled around and searched for what we could – general game and birds was about it. 

My afternoon was spent looking for giraffes and zebras – we headed east to begin with, but found only wildebeest and impala before making our way to the central regions where we found a herd of elephants and a lovely herd of giraffe; our drink spot was also spent in the company of hippos and a herd of elephants before we made our way towards the mating lions again.  The Western Pride had spent the day resting on the northern boundary before moving off after dark, so while we missed them, we did enjoy a sighting of the male and female, but already the frequency of mating was less and in the time we spent with them, they only mated once.  Still, I can get used to having the lions around like this!