09 October 2017

After our 7mm of rain last night, we awoke to dry and sunny conditions and headed out looking for leopard, buffalo and zebras, but when we found where the lions had walked during the rain, and then saw that the tracks got fresher as Difference tracked, we dedicated the first part of the morning to finding the lions; luckily, the first big game species we saw buffalo, and we spent some time with a small group of buffalo bulls before heading towards Argyle Dam where the Western Pride had been located on the move back west; they had eaten something small last night, but whatever it was was gone! We followed them for some time before they settled down for the day and carried on to go and see a clan of hyenas that were eating the last bits of a male kudu. Whilst with them, some alarm calling kudus sent us in search of a what we hoped was a leopard, but the only spots we found were more giraffe. After coffee, we ticked off giraffes, kudus and some zebras, but sadly the leopards remained elusive.

With some new guests in the afternoon, I began with a chilled journey to the east and began with impala, wildebeest, hippo and some lovely time spent with a group of elephant bulls. We made a move towards the lions, but sadly we were the only ones moving and although the pride was all out in the open, there wasnt much sign of them wanting to get active, so we headed off for a drink before closing down at the lodge. Later in the evening the lions actually flushed Ntima male leopard from the same area where we had heard the kudus alarm calling, so I am sure he was there, but we just missed him this morning…maybe tomorrow! Despite the predictions of no rain, we did get a little wet after dinner, but only 3mm fell, whilst in the south, some of the areas received another 20-25mm. Lets hope that this isnt going to be the trend this summer…