09 May 2017

On Tuesday my plan was to head towards where the lions were last seen yesterday evening and follow up from there, but quite early on we heard that they had been found not far south of where they were left last night, so that sort of took the fun out of looking for them and I thus just took it easy in the north ticking off impala and waterbuck before some distant giraffes and zebras showed themselves. We popped in to see Machaton male leopard, and although he was resting in the open and we viewed him at a distance for a while, when we tried to get a better view, he got up and moved off into the thickets and as we couldn’t get a good view without getting too close to him, we left it having enjoyed him last night. The Western Pride of lions had increased in number for the second day in a row and were now sitting with all nine lions – the two males can still be heard roaring on Ingwelala opposite Geiger’s Camp where I have also just heard the three cubs are hidden, so fingers crossed that they slowly move them our side! After sightings of impala and warthog, we stopped for coffee at Lover’s Leap before spending time with hippos and crocodiles at Argyle Dam and made our way back to the lodge for breakfast. Marka managed a brief sighting of the eleven wild dogs but they soon lost him as they were on the hunt, whilst a large herd of elephants and a small herd of buffalo were seen in the south.

Although there were sightings of Machaton male leopard with his kill in the evening, as well as the nine Western Pride members attempting to hunt impalas in the evening – even Ntima male leopard showed up for a while before being lost – I opted for a quite, chilled afternoon in the east hoping that Xiviti or the Machimba male lions would show themselves. In the end, it proved to be a quiet drive, with impala, hippo, steenbuck, wildebeest and a lone elephant bull being the sum total of our sightings before a drink stop. The southern sections of the eastern block are unbelievably green, and it was surprising not to have seen more in that area – regardless, we still had an enjoyable afternoon, and when we could hear the Machimba male lions roaring way, way south of our concession, we opted to make a move back to the north, seeing very little bar a lone elephant bull at Giraffe’s Nest when we dropped the guests off – so a shorter blog post today, but considering all we have seen of late, it still didn’t feel like it!