09 February 2017

My last morning drive for a few days, and it was a good one to end off – we began planning to check the western side of the reserve and head along the riverbed to the south; Piva Plains was again full of animals with at least three zebra herds, waterbuck and well over 150 impala!  We saw a lovely herd of giraffe and also popped into the seven Western Pride lions resting with empty bellies – it has been days since they have had a good meal.  Considering out great sightings of late, we didn’t spend time with the lions and carried on.  More giraffe, impala and baboons kept us occupied before the coffee stop on Mbali Dam.  We tried to track down some rhinos, and whilst Difference found them, they picked up on his scent and ran off before we could get there and we just couldn’t locate on them again, and as it was late, we decided to head home.  Luckily, as has been our luck of late, the bush rewarded us with a sighting for our efforts, and Difference spotted Ntima male leopard resting on a termite mound in the shade, clearly having eaten too much!  We made our way back to camp and passed elephant, giraffe, waterbuck and many impala before closing down after, dare i say it, yet another great drive!  The others enjoyed plentiful elephants across the reserve and also enjoyed a great afternoon with the lions and Ntima male leopard still being around in the afternoon.

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