09 April 2017

I had the rare luxury of a sleep-in on Sunday morning as my guests were checking out early, and so i left the other guides to enjoy the bush, and enjoy they did, with a host of sightings out there – the two Ross lionesses in the south, the old Ross male lion in the north, a pack of 11 wild dogs in the central region as well as elephants across the reserve, and this was the set up for myself and two of my return guests in the afternoon. We took it easy to begin with and headed to Argyle Dam where we found a lone elephant bull at the water, and he decided to have a swim, so we drove around for a better view – on the southern side of the dam, another small herd of elephants arrived to drink briefly before moving off. We carried on and passed general game of impala and waterbuck, as well as some nice birds before making our way towards the wild dogs and coming across another elephant bull. As we were nearing the wild dogs, we heard that they had gotten up and run off into a thicket, but the guides didn’t follow through, and couldn’t find anything coming out of the area, so assumed that they had moved off! Diff and I went and begun checking, and despite finding tracks for one dog running around, we found no sign of the pack leaving the area…until it was too dark and we drove past the old sighting again and saw their tracks heading out of the area – a very frustrating half hour to endure (the elephant herd we found was a small bonus though), but at least we have a chance to look for them tomorrow. We went and enjoyed a drink before making our way back to the lodge passing more elephant and a pearl-spotted owl