04 March 2017

Saturday was another hot and humid day that eventually broke with some very isolated showers, dropping 5mm of rain on the areas surrounding the lodge – not great, but better than nothing!  As far as the game drives went, I was only out in the morning and it was a pretty hot one too!  We could hear lions roaring to the north of the lodge, but almost certainly on Ingwelala, but as we were in need of lions, we headed up along our access to see if they possibly were just on our side.  We saw a herd of wildebeest and impala on Ingwelala airstrip.  I then decided to head along the Argyle Rd back to our western boundary, but it was a quiet trip with only impala and kudu being ticked off before we cut back into our concession and carried on in search of signs of lions, zebras, and leopards in trees – the three things I had promised my guests last night!  Luckily, much further south two of the three promises were waiting to be fulfilled, but I decided to take my time in the north and we enjoyed impala, giraffe, kudu and the first fulfilled promise – zebras!  It was a nice grouping of 20-odd, and after time with them, we carried on south.  Along the way there were more impala, a lone elephant bull, but not a great deal else; we eventually arrived in the south, and after seeing a nice male kudu, went to go and see the lovely Nthombi female leopard who was left resting up a marula tree near her impala kill; luckily we arrived to find that she was still quite happily content with her spot and resting up the tree.  With two promises fulfilled, and only lions remaining, I had to make use of the guides luck further south after they had found the three Ross lions in the Machaton Riverbed, and I slowly meandered in that direction.  In the south, the animals that were avoiding the area the last few weeks were back in force, and we saw several herds of impalas, zebra and giraffe, kudu and the lions – they were still a bit active but came to rest in the open sand of the Machaton Riverbed, and we enjoyed a good view before having to make our way back north.  Along the way, we saw loads and loads of zebras on the southern open areas – as well as giraffe, buffalo and a distant herd of elephants.  As we headed north it got a bit quieter, but that might also have been due to the rising mercury!  Regardless, it was a lovely last drive to end on, and left me feeling better about the fact that not all of our animals had disappeared – they have just moved south! 

I am only back on drive on Tuesday afternoon, so will resume my blogging then.  Until then, have a good one!