04 June 2014

Sunday started off with us checking the northern sections of Motswari before moving out east in the hope of finding some sign of the wild dogs that we suspect might be denning in the area, but after a morning of driving around the east without a sign of them, i am starting to have my doubts about our suspicions.  In fact, the east was so quiet that there were points where i became surprised to see a living animal!  We did enjoy some zebras on the open areas, a few herds of impalas, some hippos at the large dams, kudus and steenbuck, but that was about where it ended for the morning.  Elsewhere, the male and female lions from the Western Pride were still on their waterbuck kill and Inkanye female popped up briefly near Argyle Dam, but she was lost before we could get to see her; Robynne tracked the Western Pride and the buffalo herd out of our concession to the west; tracks for the Machimba male lions were also walking around the south-central regions, and the Sumatra lioness found herself as far west as the Nhlaralumi riverbed, being located in the afternoon resting in the shade of the riverbed.

Luckily, my afternoon picked up, and after starting out with impala, waterbuck and the two lions with their kill – a slightly better visual as the male lay in the relative open panting, but no more action than that – before we moved towards Piva Plains where we had waterbuck, impala, warthogs and giraffe.  This was followed by more general game, giraffe and a couple of elephant bulls in the last light of day before we made our way towards the hyena den to see if the cubs were awake, and they sure were, playing around and yet again coming up to investigate the Land Rover as we arrived.  After good time with them, we went and stopped for a drink before making tracks back to the lodge, seeing some elephants in the moon light, zebras, hippos and impalas before a lovely dinner at Geiger’s Camp – it was a very enjoyable evening, and being me, i naturally promised the guests that there was a 100 percent chance of seeing a leopard tomorrow…oh dear!