01 August 2017

I was hoping that things would pick up following yesterday afternoon’s quiet drive, and decided to head out west and spend time with the hyena den, which proved to be a good choice.  We saw more general game about, with impalas, waterbuck, giraffe, baboons feeding on the flowing knob thorns and steenbuck popping into view.  The hyena den was nice and active in the cloudy conditions, and even the little cub popped its head out for a while before we moved on towards Mbali Dam for a cup of coffee.  Sadly, the rest of our morning was nothing to write about; Kevin and Andries went way south to see a pride of four lions that they didnt recognise, but besides a couple of elephants in the east, there wasnt much going on.


My afternoon with one-night guests and some new faces that had also been on many safaris needed to pick up, but luckily it was my turn to visit the wild dog den, and this would prove to be the main focus of the afternoon; impala, kudu, giraffe, zebra and waterbuck occupied our time until we pulled into the densite to find a hive of activity as the pups ran around chasing one another in the last light of the day; even the adults got in on the action, and needless to say the cameras clicked away as for all of the guests, this was their first such experience, even after many game drives!  We left as the sun set and aimed in the direction of the lions, but when Tshwukunyana male leopard was found resting up a tree much closer to us, we went to join that sighting.  He was dead to the world, but when the wild dogs went sprinting past on the opposite bank of the Nhlaralumi, he shot off down the tree to go see if he could snatch a meal, but it wasnt to be, and we eventually found him again, but it was at a distance and he was cautious of all the hyenas milling around too, but less concerned by the dozen giraffes in the area it seemed!  We missed on our drinks and headed back to the lodge, much happier that the animals had played along better this afternoon.